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Guilbert Georges-Claude & Wells-Lassagne Shannon (ed.)

Television Series and Narratology

New Avenues in Storytelling


- Georges-Claude Guilbert & Shannon Wells-Lassagne

- Delphine Letort
“From the Control Room to the Headlines in The Newsroom

- Florent Favard
“The Yellow Umbrella Syndrome : Pledging and Delaying Narrative Closure in How I Met Your Mother

- Sarah Hatchuel
“Writing the Beginning and the End of a Mobius Strip : Dreams of Starting Anew in TV Series Awake”

- Matthew Poland
“Full of Wholes : Narrative Configuration, Completion, and the Televisual Episode / Season / Series”

- Michael Fuchs
“It’s Like Groundhog Day : Remediation, Trauma, and Quantum Physics in Time Loop Narratives on Recent American Television”


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